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Attic Conversions

Property Extensions and Attic Conversions in Sheffield, Rotherham and All Surrounding South Yorkshire Areas

There are many benefits to undertaking one of Designed to Build Ltd’s first-rate attic conversions. From design and planning to RSJ installation and the final finishes, our highly experienced team undertakes a complete suite of services to ensure loft conversions are finished to the highest standard. This is also true for the property extensions we provide. We customise the work we undertake to ensure our team fulfils each customer’s exact specifications for their building in Sheffield, Rotherham or any of the surrounding South Yorkshire areas.

Property Extensions

If customers have the garden space to spare or want to make the most of an unused alleyway, patio or pathway, property extensions are the perfect way to create the additional space they need. The popular extensions we construct include:

  • +Single-Storey

  • +Double-Storey

  • +Wraparound

We are happy to advise on all aspects of the extensions we offer to help customers make the right choice for their home.

Full-Service Works

Our team are with clients from the concept to the completion of extensions, ensuring we create a bespoke space that fulfils all of their needs. With over 25 years of industry experience, we know the best methods and materials to use for each project to ensure we optimise all shapes and sizes of homes. Our experts are with customers throughout projects to ensure we are exceeding their expectations at every stage of the build.

Planning and Design

Accurate and personalised planning and design is vital to the success of property extensions in Sheffield, Rotherham and across South Yorkshire. At Designed to Build Ltd, we cover everything required to ensure work is compliant, safe and tailored to each customer’s desires. We manage:

Property extensions provide the additional space required, make homes easier to navigate, optimise functionality and aesthetics and increase the value of buildings. We are happy to answer any questions customers have to help them decide if house extensions are the right building work for them.

Attic Conversions

The key benefits of attic conversions include:

  • +Increased Space

  • +Increase Value and Efficiency

  • +Design Options

Increased Space

Whether your family is expanding or you need an additional room, converting your attic will maximise the amount of usable space in your building. Not having enough space is one of the most common reasons people move house. Moving is not always an option because it can be expensive and means you have to move out of the home you love and the place where you have set down roots. Converting upwards will supply you with the space you require without having to eat into valuable garden space.

Increase Value and Efficiency

Attic conversions not only increase your living space, but they can also increase the value of your house. For those who are planning on selling their build, or if you decide to in the future, investing in a conversion can increase the value of your property by up to 20%. More usable space, modern building work and a well-cared-for home are very appealing aspects to potential buyers.

Our team can install new windows to maximise the amount of natural daylight and fit insulation to better temperature control your home. These additions will improve the energy efficiency of your build and can reduce your utility bills.

Design Options

At Designed to Build Ltd, we offer a full design and build package to create your dream attic conversion. We can also complete RSJ installations to ensure the structural stability of your build in Sheffield, Rotherham or any of the surrounding South Yorkshire areas. Whether you want a new home office, bedroom or children’s playroom, we will create your ideal conversion. Our team manages all aspects of conversions so you can have peace of mind knowing all work undertaken will meet your unique style and functionality requirements.

For professional attic conversions in Sheffield, Rotherham and the surrounding areas, get in touch with Designed to Build Ltd on 07903 603029.