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Garage Conversions in Chesterfield,
Sheffield and South Yorkshire

If you are one of the many homeowners who underuses their garage, why not change the way you use it? A lot of people don’t use their garage as intended and end up filling the space with junk, but what if you could turn your garage in Sheffield, South Yorkshire or Chesterfield into a comfortable, practical room? At Designed to Build Ltd, that’s exactly what we do. We carry out bespoke garage conversions to meet the needs of individual households, creating versatile spaces that improve the function, comfort and value of homes. Working to your specifications, we build the exact space you need with minimal disruption and at a cost-effective price. Whether you want to create a new room or an open plan design, we provide all relevant services.

By providing tailored designs and works plans, we make sure you get the most suitable solutions, all necessary structural work and interior alterations, and a space which is safe, habitable and compliant with building regulations. With our own in-house architects and structural engineers, we offer efficient and reliable services, including the organisation of drawings and assistance with drawing submission.

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Key Works

While every project in South Yorkshire, Sheffield, Chesterfield and the surrounding areas has different requirements, there are some essential works which many garage conversions require. These ensure the space functions just like any other room in your house, offering the same level of comfort and stability. Designed to Build Ltd undertakes all relevant works to the highest standard following the completion of surveys and assessments. These works include:

  • Waterproofing
  • Damp Proofing
  • Floor Levelling
  • Heating and Electrics
  • Steel Beam Installation
  • Infilling the Garage Door
  • Insulating the Roof and Walls
  • Necessary Structural Alterations
  • Adding New Windows and Doors
  • Works to Meet Ventilation, Energy Efficiency and Fire Safety Requirements

If you are a builder carrying out a garage conversion, we are happy to provide steel beam installation as an individual service.

Versatile Garage Conversions

Our conversions are very versatile spaces which allow our clients across South Yorkshire and the nearby areas, including those in Sheffield and Chesterfield, to create whatever space they need. Many homeowners choose to build a separate room connected to the rest of the house with a new internal door, just like other rooms. As examples, these types of conversions are ideal for use as a bedroom, dining room, home office, gym, utility room, hobby room or additional living room.

A garage conversion also gives you the opportunity to create a large open plan space. By removing the internal wall and installing a steel beam where necessary, we can use the garage space to create a bright, open and airy ground floor, which is popular in modern home design.

As a company offering a range of professional property maintenance services, we can really help make your home work for you. In addition to design, plan and build services for garage conversions, we can also undertake all kinds of repairs, alterations and improvements for a seamless transition between new and existing spaces.

Find out more about garage conversions in the Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Chesterfield areas by calling our friendly team on 07903 603029.