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RSJ Installation

RSJ Installation in Sheffield | Professionally Installed Steal Beams in Rotherham and All Surrounding Areas

Rolled Steel Joists (RSJ) installations are a specialised skill that homeowners should not attempt to undertake themselves, this is why the expert structural beam installers at Designed to Build Ltd are here to help. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we are well-versed in the best methods to install steel beams in properties in Sheffield, Rotherham and the surrounding South Yorkshire areas.

RSJ installations can be a risky and complex job, which is why our team have many years of experience completing these projects and are fully qualified to do so.

Installation Process

We offer a complete suite of services to install RSJ including a full design and build package for attic conversions, roofing work, property extensions and other projects. Our team carries out a comprehensive planning service to ensure all aspects of installations are factored in and accounted for prior to installations. Designed to Build Ltd also undertakes all preparation work to make sure the steel beams are strong, durable and perfectly installed. In addition to their strength and durability, the quality RSJ we install are resistant to termites, pests, fire and mould, making them the perfect addition to all types of builds in and around Sheffield and Rotherham.

Our first-rate RSJ installations include helping with building control submissions and drawing submissions. Our structural beam installers undertake structural calculations as part of the installation process so, all aspects of the build are fully covered and safe.

Tailored Approach

We tailor our approach to each installation to ensure the structural support we enhance in buildings is optimised.

  • +Our team makes sure the beam is supported on two additional supports (e.g. walls) so they can carry the loads to the foundations.

  • +We strengthen existing walls to prevent them from being crushed. Our team can fit a dense concrete area to spread the load if required.

  • +Anchor bolts will typically be needed for each installation. We often use a template to correctly position bolts with holes in the steel.

  • +The steel plate we fit with the anchor bolts will hold the weight of the steel beam, which we will securely fit on top.

  • +Our team will finish all installations by undertaking all types of security checks to ensure each element is safe, secure and solid.

We install steel beams as part of our own projects and for contractors and builders that need quality installations for their projects in Sheffield, Rotherham and the surrounding South Yorkshire areas. The structural beam installers at Designed to Build Ltd are happy to discuss your unique RSJ installation requirements with you to ensure we deliver the best service possible.

For professional structural beam installers managing RSJ installations in Sheffield, Rotherham and the surrounding areas, get in touch with Designed to Build Ltd on 07903 603029.