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Steel Beam Installation in Sheffield,
Chesterfield and Across South Yorkshire

Many domestic projects involve the removal or modification of load-bearing walls. Due to the modern desire for open, airy living spaces and maximising space rather than moving, works such as conversions, the removal of internal walls and the addition of bi-fold doors are hugely popular. However, these projects, among others, call for steel beam installation to ensure walls are stable and able to hold the weight put on them. Installing steel beams is a highly skilled task which requires expert structural calculations, preparation and execution, but not every building or maintenance company is capable of this. At Designed to Build Ltd, we have many years of experience in steel beam works and provide all relevant services for projects in South Yorkshire, Sheffield, Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

As well as installing steel beams as part of our own projects, we also carry out installations for builders or contractors who need reliable steel beam works for their projects.

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Steel beams have become increasingly popular for use in domestic works where structural reform is involved. They are the support beam of choice for a wide range of home maintenance, renovation and construction projects, such as:

  • Loft Conversions
  • Garage Conversions
  • House Extensions
  • Open Plan Living
  • Bi-Fold Door Installations
  • Taking Out Chimney Breasts

Uses of a Steel Beam

Open Plan Living

Removing internal walls, altering layouts and adding extensions can create bright and airy open-plan living spaces. Steel beam installation is often necessary to provide support and maintain the structural integrity of the house

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Load bearing walls support floors, walls, roofs or other structural elements. If removing a load bearing wall, it is essential to install a beam to support the structure above

RSJ Installation

Rolled steel joists (RSJs) are a type of lintel beam used to provide structural support. They are commonly used for extensions, renovations and when knocking through load bearing walls. They have a specific profile to provide the greatest load-bearing capacity using the minimum amount of steel

Pocket Door Systems

Pocket doors are sliding doors which disappear into the wall cavity when open. A steel beam may be necessary to provide structural support if installing a pocket door in a load bearing wall

Lintel Installation

Lintels are structural horizontal supports above doors and windows, between two vertical supports or across an opening in a wall. They support heavy loads above

Complete Services

At Designed to Build Ltd, we offer complete services for steel beam installation which can include a full design and build package for loft and garage conversions, basement conversions, house extensions, roofing works or other projects. We also provide standalone steel beam services in South Yorkshire, Sheffield and Chesterfield for builders or homeowners who just require structural work from us.

To deliver safe and compliant installations, we carry out planning, preparation and installation to the highest standard and in accordance with building regulations. This includes structural calculations and designs as well as building control submission and assistance with drawing submission.

By using rolled steel joists (RSJs) for your project, we provide a range of benefits over wood beams, which are the traditional option for residential construction. The benefits of steel beams include:

  • Superior Strength and Durability
  • Resistant to Termites and Pests
  • Fire and Mould Resistant
  • Speedy Fabrication and Construction

Whether working on loft conversions, extensions, creating open plan layouts or other home improvements, we make sure your home has the structural strength and stability it needs. We are committed to the needs of our customers in Sheffield, Chesterfield and the wider South Yorkshire area, working hard to deliver ideal solutions, including quality steel beam installations, efficiently and at a cost-effective price.

For specialist steel beam installations in Sheffield, Chesterfield and across South Yorkshire, please call Designed to Build Ltd on 07903 603029.