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Steel Beam Installation

Steel Beam Installation in Rotherham, Sheffield and Across South Yorkshire

Numerous domestic projects involve the modification or removal of load-bearing walls. With the pervasive desire for maximising space rather than moving and open, airy living spaces, the addition of bi-fold doors, works such as loft conversions, and the removal of internal walls are hugely popular. These projects, among others, call for steel beams to be installed, so walls are stable and able to hold the weight put on them.

Steel beam installation is a highly skilled task which requires expert preparation and execution and structural calculations, but not every building company in Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire is capable of this.

At Designed to Build Ltd, we have many years of experience in steel beam works, RSJ installation and provide all relevant services for projects.

Steel Beam Installation Specialists

In addition to installing steel beams as part of our projects, we also carry out installations for builders or contractors who need reliable steel beam works for their projects. We work closely with clients throughout projects to ensure they are completed to their exact specifications.

To deliver safe and compliant installations, we carry out:

  • +Planning and Preparation

  • +Full Installation

  • +Work in Accordance With Building Regulations

  • +Structural Calculations and Designs

  • +Building Control Submission

  • +Assistance With Drawing Submission

Load-Bearing Wall Removal

Whether customers require load-bearing wall removals to create open-plan home layouts or install a new kitchen island, our professionals can deliver full services from start to finish for every project.

After we have analysed clients’ plans and taken thorough calculations, we craft a load-bearing wall removal cost that fits their unique budget. Our specialists have unparalleled expertise for every type of load-bearing wall and a broad understanding of load-bearing wall removals, which allows us to create bespoke solutions to ensure we meet each customer’s exact specifications.

Unlike most companies, we provide all trades in-house, rather than leaving the burden of organisation to the client. This approach saves customers time, money and stress, with our experts completing load-bearing wall removals in as few as two weeks. Our team seamlessly carries out projects to fulfil clients’ visions with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

RSJ Installation

RSJ installation is vital for new builds and structural alterations on existing properties that require the expertise of structural engineers and professional builders. At Designed to Build Ltd, we offer a range of services to meet your needs because we understand that each project is unique. No matter what building work clients are planning on completing in or around Sheffield or Rotherham, we manage seamless RSJ installation solutions that are tailored to each project and budget.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive service that covers everything from initial building assessments to the final finishes and cleaning up. Our RSJ and steel beam installation specialists manage the delivery and installation of RSJ, plastering and redecorating, and we responsibly dispose of all waste, leaving your property spotless.

Typically, planning permission isn’t required to begin load-bearing wall removals so RSJ can be installed. However, consent for external or internal building work is required if the project is planned for a listed building. Building Regulations approval will likely be needed if the wall is deemed to be load-bearing and the work is classed as a structural alteration. This means an application will need to be submitted.

Our company provides full pre-planning support, including Building Regulations approval, structural plans and planning permission, so customers have peace of mind knowing all work is safe and compliant.

Bi-Fold and Sliding Door Opening

Providing space, light, security and aesthetic appeal, sliding and bi-fold doors have risen in popularity over the last few years, and we are here to help clients prepare for their installation.

Our team offers bespoke door opening options to transform properties using modern materials and designs that will enhance customers’ daily lives. We ensure each sliding and bi-fold door is structurally sound and safe and is implemented in customers’ desired time frames. Our company can supply popular models from leading brands, so as soon as clients tell us what they want, we can swiftly source a tailored solution.

Bi-fold and sliding doors fold neatly away, creating large, open-plan areas that blend together with the outdoors, maximising space. They are also primarily made from glass, which means the flow of natural daylight is optimised. This reduces the need for artificial lighting, lowering your energy bills and creating a bright, cosy environment.

Chimney Removal

With over 25 years of experience providing services across South Yorkshire, we can offer stress-free chimney removals from start to finish. With our company, clients can have peace of mind knowing we:

  • +Have Safely Removed Hundreds Of Chimneys

  • +Are Covered With In-House Structural Engineers

  • +Can Issue Building Regulation Certification

  • +Typically Finish Jobs From Quote To Completion In 2 Weeks

With our full-service chimney removals, clients are guaranteed to receive:

  • +Free Site Survey & Quote -

    With professional liaison to effectively plan the required work.

  • +Work Completed On Time -

    We provide a projected timescale for the work and stick to it.

  • +Post Project Clean Up –

    As a customer-focused company, we care about leaving properties clean and tidy.

  • +6-Week Quality Inspection –

    To ensure high-quality, long-lasting workmanship, we will return after 6 weeks.

Complete Services

At Designed to Build Ltd, we offer complete services for steel beam installation, which can include a full design and build package for loft conversions, house extensions, roofing works or other projects. We also provide standalone steel beam services in South Yorkshire, Sheffield and Rotherham for builders or homeowners who just require structural work from us.

For specialist steel beam installations in Sheffield, Rotherham and across South Yorkshire, please call Designed to Build Ltd on 07903 603029.